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Business Resilience

You can’t eliminate the possibility of business disruptions – but you can prepare for them. Whether the cause is a storm, a cyberattack or another unexpected event, a sudden disruption could affect your organization at any time. To grow and thrive in an uncertain risk environment, your business needs preparation to be able to absorb, adapt and be resilient to disruptive events. What does this mean for your organization? It goes beyond just having documented strategies and plans. Business resiliency is an ongoing process that helps you prepare for all types of disruptions, respond when one occurs and improve after each incident.


Learn how organizations can thrive through adverse conditions

CNA’s 2021 Establishing Strategic Business Resilience report identifies several recent business disruption events that have impacted companies of all sizes and provides guidance to business leaders on how to develop a resilience culture and a sustained ability to endure future disruptive events.

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Audio Series on Business Resiliency

This business resiliency series will address how natural and manmade catastrophes, pandemics, and civil unrest create a level of uncertainty, complexity, and challenges that unfold in real-time.

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